Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Luis Suarez is a Psycho and Other Excitement From Match Day 13 of the 2014 World Cup

Yesterday was an interesting day at the World Cup. To begin we had the final games in Group D:
Giorgio Cheillini shows his bite marks from Luis Suarez / Reuters
Uruguay and Italy came into the day at three points a piece and Costa Rica with six. Italy has the superior goal differential so Uruguay had to win to advance. It was a defensive battle in the first two-thirds of the game, leaving fans craving for some more excitement. But in the 79th minute, it was the bite heard round the world. The notorious Uruguay striker Luis Suarez bit Italy defender Giorgio Cheillini in the shoulder. You could clearly see the bite mark!!! Even worse, he did it two times before, in a 2010 game with the Dutch side Ajax, and a 2013 game against Everton with Man U.  

In between those two, he was hurling racial epithets at an opposing player, also with Everton. Postgame interviews included Suarez saying "Those are just things that happen out on the pitch", and Cheillini said "Suarez gets away with whatever he wants because FIFA want the top players involved". I talk more about Suarez's punishment later. Uruguay won 1-0 on a 81' goal by Godin (
Uruguay advances.
(I didn't watch this game) England is not advancing past the group stage! I'm shocked, but not really. They have a history of underperforming expectations at the World Cup as of late. And it was a totally meaningless game against the surprising winners of the first two Costa Rica. It was a dull, scoreless draw. England misses several chances and heads home, and it's another sad day for football fans across the kingdom. Costa Rica advances.

Group C was had much more implications in play as 4 o'clock neared.
Colombia gave Japan a going-away present in the form of a 4-1 win. Here's how it was called on Caracol TV. (This was the game I primarily watched.) Colombia advances.
Greece scored in the 32' needing a win to advance. But Ivory Coast's Wilfried got a 74' eqaulizer and it was looking good fro them. But Greece scored on a 93' penalty kick to win. The clip has Greece's goals as called by Nova Sport FM. Greece advances.
Dra. Ana María Polo wonders what is wrong with Suarez.
Luis Suarez needs to get his life right! He's embarrassing his kids, team, and his country. FIFA has the ability to punish him, and they announced it could range from a two game to a twenty-four month ban. I believe he should be banned from all FIFA-sanctioned competition through the end of September. That means the rest of the World Cup, the first month and a half of Liverpool's EPL season (6 gm.), plus any friendlies or other games Liverpool (8) might play. But most likely FIFA will suspend him for three games, allowing him to play if Uruguay is in the final, which is unlikely without him. Suarez is one of the world's top futbolistas, he should really make better decisions. Caso cerrado!


  • US striker Jozy Altidore is out for Thursday's match against Germany due to the hamstring strain that occured against Ghana.
  • Italy manager Cesare Prandelli has resigned after an early exit.
  • Lightning struck Spain's plane on their return trip.
  • Spanish broadcaster and creator of the Goooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll! call Andres Cantor and former US national team star Alexi Lalas star in two Volkswagen commercials that have been on heavy rotation during the World Cup.

<< That's Alexi Lalas when he had a little bit more hair.
  • Wednesday's Games: 12p Group F: ARG-NIG, IRA-BH; 4p Group E: FRA-ECU, SUI-HON

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