Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Preview/Schedule: Broncos vs. Seahawks tonight at 6:25 on FOX

First the schedule:

  • 7a-5:30p: NFL GameDay (NFL Network)
  • 10a-2p: FOX Super Bowl Daily (Fox Sports 1), Sunday NFL Countdown (ESPN)
  • 10a-Noon: That Other Pregame Show (CBS Sports Network)
  • Noon-1p: Road to the Super Bowl (FOX)
  • 1p-2p: Football America (FOX)
  • 2p-6p: Super Bowl XLVII Pregame (FOX)
  • 6p-After 10p: Super Bowl XLVII -- Broncos-Seahawks (FOX)
  • Following the Super Bowl: New Girl (FOX), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)

Prediction: Broncos 31-26 Seahawks

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